6 Ways to Automate The Mineral Management Process

By Hannah Evitt, Uncategorized on May 4th, 2020

MineralWare’s Mineral Management Software allows you to save time and money by reducing back office costs and inefficiencies.

It’s time to automate and remove the many costly manual tasks that you are faced with. Now more than ever, mineral owners are leaning on MineralWare when it comes to day-to-day management and analysis of their mineral and royalty assets. With our state-of-the-art technology, mineral and royalty owners are able to focus on other priorities and make smarter decisions, all while letting us handle the details. Here are a few examples… 

  • Automatically Integrated Check Data 
    • Have electronic revenue data at your fingertips to quickly compare month over month and monitor deductions. 
  • Perform Valuable Analytics
    • Clients are able to compare revenue across counties, operators, states, funds as well as measure performance against targets and track ROI. 
  • Permit and Rig Activity Alerts
    • Automatically receive notifications when a permit is filed to drill on your property or one nearby. Clients are able view locations of rigs, weekly & monthly changes, and receive alerts when one is on or near your land.  
  • Expired Lease Alerts
    • Clients can create alerts to be notified when leases are expiring soon or have just expired to help you better stay on top of managing your minerals. 
  • Suspended Funds Analysis 
    •  We monitor your check stubs and production activity to ensure you are rightfully getting paid what you are owed for your assets. We have found over $3 Million so far for our clients!
  • Production Reports 
    • MineralWare collects data from every producing state allowing you to easily view and report on the performance of your producing wells and compare state and operator reported production.

It is time to monitor and track your oil and gas portfolio and remove the need for manual tasks. Visit to sign up for a FREE DEMO today and learn more on how we are providing peace of mind during uncertain times.