April 2020 New Feature Recap

By Hannah Evitt, MineralWare New Feature Release on May 5th, 2020

Even though there is uncertainty in the oil and gas market you can be confident that MineralWare is optimizing your mineral and royalty management and by reducing back office costs through continuous innovation. 

Over the past month, MineralWare has launched numerous upgrades to the Platform to enable greater ease and efficiency in managing your Mineral and Royalty Asset Portfolio. In order to keep you up to date here are some of the significant improvements that you will see:

Property Merging Tool 

  • The property merging tool allows users to consolidate revenue properties when duplication occurs from operator’s changing property codes. 

Client Upload of Tracts 

  • Added the ability for clients to add new interests/tracts to their account in MineralWare. 

Internal Optimization Updates

  • Back end updates to the wells export, the lease import process, and revenue property pages allowing for my efficient navigation. 

More revolutionary updates are coming soon to MineralWare’s software that we are excited to share with you. Over the next couple months our innovative platform is further setting the stage for a new way to manage your assets.