Defining Our Promise to You

By MineralWare, Company Update on May 22nd, 2019

What does a mission statement mean?

To many companies it can be just a series of words that the founders believed in when they created the company. To MineralWare they are the words by which we live our lives and engage in business. It is active in determining the direction of the company and active in our internal accountability. Over the past few months MineralWare has engaged in an exercise to define and refine our mission statement and core values to reflect not only our promise to you today, but what we stand for long term.

Our commitment is to SERVE you, your needs and your challenges as you navigate the management of your oil and gas assets. So what does SERVE mean to us?


Service – We go above and beyond to serve each other, our clients, and partners.

Excellence – We expect high performance of ourselves and our teams. We constantly look to innovate and improve.

Relationships – We strive to create mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Virtues – We require the highest standards of integrity, transparency and humility.

Enthusiasm – We love what we do and it is shown by the passion that permeates our culture.


We strongly believe in these words and use them as we live out our mission statement: “We empower our clients through innovative software solutions and excellent service.”


For all of our clients, we want to thank you for your trust in us and your loyalty; for all potential clients, we encourage you to start the conversation to see how our brand of service can bring value to your mineral management process.