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Fully integrated and automated features that do the hard work for you.

Our Product

MineralWare allows you to easily manage all of your minerals, royalties, documents and well data in one place.

Our product

Fully Integrated & Automated Data

  • Map Integration - Digital mapping of all of your properties and leases. Instant access to every interest in your inventory.
  • Well, Production, Permit, & Lease Bonus Data - One-click access to updated well, production, permit and lease bonus information on and surrounding your properties. Instantly find out who is filing permits and what the production is on and around the area of interest.
  • Digital Filing Cabinet - Instant & secure access to all of your important oil & gas documents – all of your documents are organized and securely backed-up.

Accounting & Revenue Recovery

  • Revenue & Expense Tracking - No more hand-keying check-stub data. Automatically track all of your royalty revenue and deductions to make sure you are getting paid correctly.
  • Revenue Recovery - MineralWare identifies wells on your properties that you are not getting paid on. Recover revenue that you are owed and increase your monthly revenue stream.

Alerts & Audit

  • Alerts - Receive alerts on nearby activity and set custom alerts to keep up to date with your action items.
  • Audit - Have a cost-free royalty clause in your oil & gas lease and want to make sure the operators are not taking advantage? Want to make sure that the operating companies are paying you on the correct volumes? With MineralWare it has never been easier.

Access, Ease of Use & Security

  • Access - 24/7 access from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.
  • Ease of Use - MineralWare is intuitive and easy to use. One click access to the information you need, when you need it.
  • Security - We don’t take security lightly at MineralWare. Our servers are housed in a secure state of the art facility. We provide multiple redundant systems and backup technology to keep your data safe.