January 2020 New Feature Recap

By Hannah Evitt, MineralWare New Feature Release on February 6th, 2020

January brought significant changes to the MineralWare platform. The new Groups and Acquisitions Module has completely redesigned how you interface and navigate through your revenue data. Now, clients are able to have access to never before seen revenue data. This module was based on feedback from our clients.

Users are now able to track financial performance of acquisitions, group wells together like never before, gain valuable insights by quickly analyzing metrics such as ROI, Top Performers, and Realized Prices.

On top of the groundbreaking Groups and Acquisitions Module, the MineralWare team also launched several upgrades to further enhance your mineral management experience. These upgrades include the following:

Production and Disposition data for Utah, Colorado, and Louisiana

Updates to year end reports

Enhanced revenue data export

New revenue processing scripts

More revolutionary updates are coming soon to MineralWare’s software that we are excited to share with you. Stay tuned for how our innovative platform is further setting the stage for a new way to manage your assets.