March 2020 New Feature Recap

By Hannah Evitt, MineralWare New Feature Release on April 2nd, 2020

Over the past month, MineralWare has launched numerous upgrades to the Platform to enable greater ease and efficiency in managing your Mineral and Royalty Asset Portfolio. In order to keep you up to date here are some of the significant improvements that you will see:

Groups Version 2

  • Added several enhancements including the ability to download the revenue data export behind each group, mass upload properties to a group, and search for properties by additional criteria such as owner number, custom ID, etc.

Revenue Data Export Enhancements

  • Added summary report options to allow for quicker downloads and more readable formatting as well as  the ability to download these reports as CSV files.

Production Page Redesign

  • Redesigned the production pages within MineralWare to display all production data on one screen. Also allowed for the download of this data when viewing a well’s production.

Custom Revenue Property IDs

  • Added the ability for clients to upload custom revenue property IDs. This allows users to associate legacy IDs to revenue properties (wells) that allows for more custom reporting.

Checks Page Updates

  • Optimized the checks page backend to drastically increase the speed and eliminate bugs.

More revolutionary updates are coming soon to MineralWare’s software that we are excited to share with you. Over the next couple months our innovative platform is further setting the stage for a new way to manage your assets.