MineralWare launches nationwide Rig Data with Alerts and US Lease Price Report

By MineralWare, Uncategorized on August 15th, 2019

MineralWare is excited to announce our newest service, MineralWare Premium.


This subscription upgrade includes Nation-Wide Rig Data that is updated weekly to alert you when a new rig is on or near one of your properties as well as the U.S. Lease Price Report which provides access to lease bonus data by county to help you negotiate your lease offers.

Rig Data
  • Access to Nationwide Rig Database fully integrated into the MineralWare Map
  • Quick analysis of rig count & trends over time
  • Receive Alerts and Track Rig activity on or around your interests
Us Lease Price Report
  • Nationwide Bonus Rates by county
  • Nationwide Lease Royalty Range by county
  • Nationwide Lease Rental Range by county
  • Nationwide Lease Term Range by county

Please reach out to Ben Heinzelmann at for more information or to order MineralWare Premium.