Providing confidence in the midst of chaos

By MineralWare, Company Update on April 27th, 2018


30 Million. That is more than the number of cars purchased in the US in 2017 (18 million), more than the number of people that watch each game of the NBA finals (20 million), and more than the number of songs on Spotify (29 million). It also happens to represent the number of mineral acres that MineralWare helps their clients to manage.

For reference, 30 million acres is roughly the size of Nicaragua.

With so much content, you can say we are experts at developing the tools to make you successful. But what makes our mineral management software so powerful?

It is easy to use, efficient, and provides exactly what information you need to make the right decisions. Our platform removes confusion by mapping your interests and identifying all activity on your tracts and surrounding properties. We integrate your interests with up to date information on lease rates, permitting, production data and much more. Additionally, all revenue received from interests is electronically and automatically imported into your account.

We provide scheduled and custom reporting to help you understand each of your interests’ performance ensuring you are getting paid correctly. Furthermore, our software identifies areas for you to capture funds held in suspense and recoup the missing revenue.

It’s time to take away the stress of chaos and trust the #1 mineral management software company to help you achieve your goals.