Top 10 Reasons People Are Switching To MineralWare

By Hannah Evitt, Mineral Management Software on November 10th, 2020

Are you tired of overpaying for a subpar mineral management software that doesn’t fully meet your businesses needs? There is a growing wave of mineral owners switching from their old software to MineralWare because they are tired of limited platform capabilities, bad customer service, and people that don’t really care about them or their assets. Here are the top 10 reasons people are leaving their outdated processes behind for MineralWare: 

  • It’s So Easy To Use
    • “The interface is so simple and easy to use. It feels like each time I log on, I’ve got more functionality at my fingertips without things becoming more complicated.” Leave the difficult software behind and switch to one you know you can rely on to provide you quick and easy access to your oil and gas data. 
  • Complete Platform Customization 
    • During the setup process, the team is hands on to help prepare the software for your individual needs. If you feel your business’s current technology is lacking in certain areas and does not provide a complete solution, sign up with MineralWare to help push your business in the right direction. 
  • Talk With Trained Oil & Gas Professionals
    • When you need help or have a question regarding your account, you are connected with trained oil and gas professionals immediately that have years of industry experience. No call centers – just accredited personnel and a library of user guides to help you when needed. 
  • We Make You Money 
    • The MineralWare team finds an average of over $240,000 dollars per client. Over 93% of clients have undergone suspended funds research and we found that they are leaving 18% of their annual revenue unaccounted for. Operators and payors can hold funds in suspense for various reasons such as an unsigned division order, incorrect address, title discrepancies, and conflicting title opinions… just to name a few. Is your mineral manager finding this money for you?
  • Saves Time And Reduces Expensive Errors
    • MineralWare automates processes so you can focus on decisions and activities that actually drive results and reduce risk. If you find yourself wasting time on just keeping information straight, generating analysis, tracking down changes, fixing errors, and/or clicking back and forth from different websites, it might be time to consider switching to MineralWare. 
  • Continuous Client Feedback
    • Our platform evolves alongside client needs and wants. Through conversations, surveys, testing, and monitoring we ensure we make the best product possible. As a result of these consumer insights, the functionality, automation, and service consistently leap forward.
  • Accuracy and Reliability of Data
    • MineralWare sources its own well, permit, and production data directly from the state reporting agencies to ensure accuracy and reliability. With access to nationwide data, clients have the ability to quickly access all of their data in one place without visiting multiple websites. 
  • It Serves As Your One Stop Asset Management Platform
    • MineralWare’s platform can do it all… literally. Clients have access to complete land management, revenue management, JIB processing, custom reporting, alerts, rig data, suspended funds research, digital file storage, annual audits, access to landmen, and more. 
  • 98.5% Of Clients Stay With MineralWare 
    • Even during one of the worst dips for the oil and gas industry in history, MineralWare still had over 98.5% of clients renew their contract.  Clients noted the rare combination of customer service and a highly useful platform as their reason for staying. In 2020 alone, MineralWare grew their client pool by over 40%. 
  • Store Your Information And Documents In One Spot 
    • Upload all of your mineral and lease documents into our digital file cabinet and get immediate access to what you need, anytime, anywhere. Documents can be linked directly to the map for ease of access to a database that is searchable by ID number, legal description, lease name, and more. 


It’s time to drop your old software. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a FREE DEMO today at to see the platform live and in action. Afterwards, you’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I switch to MineralWare sooner?”