Top 5 Reasons People are Choosing MineralWare over the competition as their go to Mineral Management Software:

By MineralWare, Company Update on June 25th, 2018


MineralWare is the superior platform for anyone looking for a Mineral Management Software solution.  Every team member is proud to be a part of MineralWare and is committed to providing you, the customer, with world class customer service to ensure that you accomplish your goals. Here are the top 5 reasons people are choosing MineralWare as their go to solution:


Customer Service

With world class customer service, the customer is always placed first. Once a client signs up, MineralWare conducts a full setup of the customer account with clear timelines and expectations. Each client is assigned an account manager that guides through both the setup and ongoing maintenance of the account. Not only does MineralWare provide an unparalleled solution to mineral owner’s needs, but also customer service is always the number one priority. Each client is treated with importance and respect no matter the size of their portfolio. When clients call MineralWare, they will never have to filter through a phone tree, but are always able to talk to their account manager or someone knowledgeable on their account.


Ease of Use

MineralWare provides an intuitive interface to easily navigate between interests, leases, wells, maps, documents, and revenue data. The entire platform is designed with the client in mind so that all important information is easily accessible, and ready to use from day one. Furthermore, as a cloud based platform, MineralWare can be accessed and used from any internet connected device. Additionally, MineralWare provides an easy-to-use digital filing cabinet where owners can attach leases, division orders, conveyance documents, and many other document types to particular tracts. For any documents not tied to interests, mineral owners have the ability to upload and manage in the general documents folder. Each document is securely stored and readily available on any internet connected device.



As the pioneer of mineral management software, MineralWare is continuously improving and leading innovation. Since launching in 2014, MineralWare has led the industry with integration of data and ease of use. With banks, financial institutions and individuals all entrusting their assets to MineralWare, the cutting edge software provides leading solutions for a variety of customer needs. With new updates and releases, MineralWare is constantly improving the already #1 mineral management solution.


Reliable and Consistent Data

While other companies rely on vendors and outside parties for their well data, MineralWare owns its well data and is not highly leveraged on outside vendors. This enables a reliable and trustworthy interface with the client dashboard. From the beginning, MineralWare realized the importance of not having to rely on an outside party for the data that is critical for knowledge and decision making. Therefore, once an account is set up they can be assured that they have accurate, timely information reflecting their interests. Additionally, MineralWare conducts a full audit of all assets and identifies areas of potential recovery of funds held in suspense. Once this is completed, account managers work until those funds are returned to you, the rightful owners. Furthermore, MineralWare integrates all automatic and manual check data to track royalty revenue and deductions in order to save time when filing taxes and performing annual reviews.


Powerful Insights

When activity occurs on nearby or adjacent property, it benefits mineral owners to be aware so that they can respond accordingly. Making important decisions can be difficult and stressful when there is limited time to respond. This is why MineralWare provides up-to-date alerts on nearby activity, notifications of expiring leases, pooling order applications (where applicable), and allows custom alerts to be created. In the same way, having all the necessary insights is crucial in being successful and to make meaningful decisions. MineralWare achieves this through digital mapping of all properties, wells, and leases. The mapping platform allows clients to see which properties are leased, where there is open acreage, and also provides a means for monitoring surrounding lease rates in a given county. Finally, MineralWare synchronizes production data to each well and identifies wells that that clients are not receiving revenue on.


Every second you are without a Mineral Management system is a second you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in extra income


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